About Pades

pades – Partikeldesign Thüringen - is an cooperation of small and medium-sized businesses – spearheaded by Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH – from the fields of particle synthesis and material development with the objective of creating a complete single-source offering in material development based on the bundled innovative force of all members.

Pades hereby responds to the increasing complexity in material development. Greater functionality and extraordinary performance with high-performance materials can be realized only with the optimized, comprehensive perspective of all steps in the process and value-added chain.

Partners with different technologies for particle synthesis and the surface functionalization of particles form the core. This is expanded by companies dealing with particle processing, component manufacturing and application or that have comprehensive capacities for particle characterisation as well as process and structure modelling at their disposal.
Small and medium-sized companies are considered innovation drivers and are highly specialized for subprocesses. The process steps are matched and coordinated by bundling these competencies across the entire chain of development. This does not only achieve increased performance but our customers receive new materials quicker and more simply specifically for their applications.

We offer package solutions to our customers

  • based on a broad choice of technologies for all steps of material synthesis and thus the optimal technology in each case for the task at hand,

  • with know-how, expertise and innovative force for the development of application-specific high-performance materials as well as

  • secure raw material source through customer-specific contract manufacturing or technology and process transfer for their own production.

This makes the elaborate search for potential development partners and the formation of suitable cooperations for all partial and intermediate products along the value-added chain as previously required obsolete.
pades is the ideal partner for material innovations based on customer-specific requirements. Just contact us!