Gain access to more powerful materials to increase the performance of your application. We develop and produce the materials you need exactly according to you requirements. This allows you solving the availability problems prevalent at the market, such as performance deficits of conventional materials, monopolies of material suppliers or increasing shortage of raw materials.

In spite of some major innovations during the past years, today's powder manufacturers are specialized to a narrow range of materials or groups of material. These existing standard products from the portfolio of the powder manufacturers often do not meet the performance of the specific application and limit them. The targeted setting of the powder parameters as customer-specific solution required for high-performance materials is not available with other powder manufacturers.

Furthermore, there are significant limitations of availability of high-performance materials due to the enormous formation of structures and economic interdependencies in past years. Exclusive delivery agreements are often in place with selected partners and thus, as a matter of fact, a monopoly with certain material types.

The shortage and rises in price of rare earths and precious metals become increasingly critical. Furthermore, the exploitation of these materials is extremely damaging to the environment and requires intensive energy.

Through selective functionalisation other more cost-efficient particle systems can assumed the function of these expensive raw materials. For example, it will be possible in the future in some areas of application, such as catalytic converters, to largely dispense with rare earths and precious metals since we can produce comparable or better activities with alternative mixed oxides.

Develop materials customized to you together with us thus assuring for yourself a long-term and reliable source of supply of powder materials for your exclusive products.