Individual material development. Functionalization. Conversion into product forms ready to be applied.

Develop your functionalized material structure with us exactly tailored to your application!

Our scientific and engineering competence forms the basis for successful material development and is fully available to you in all development steps. Our innovative power is based on our technology platform offering diverse technological options. This facilitates a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing and production process. This does not only allow to improve the respective subprocess steps but especially to solve interface problems between the subprocesses.

We offer the right equipment for your development coupled with supporting know-how for each process step from powder synthesis to the ready-to-use dispersion or high-performance granulate.Our powerful technology center allows trials and studies on a (small) technical scale. In this way, the process is optimally set up. Sufficiently large samples can be produced for appli­cation trials, even on a scale of tons.


project 01 – Adsorbens for separation of substances

Adsorbens for separation of substances

For the development of a sustainable and resource-conserving production the improvement of the selectivity of separation and reaction processes is of very high importance. One of the key tools are high selective materials like molecular sieves, especially zeolites.

PADES offers zeolite high-performance molecular sieves of significant improved performance in comparison to classical products. This is achieved by new technologies and processes of very mild conditions preventing a damage of the zeolite structure normally accurse during classical processes of activation / dewatering.

Our custom-specific functionalization and surface modification in addition improves the performance and opens new applications.

Our offer:

  • Zeolite materials of custom-specific functionalization and surface modification
  • Binder containing and binderless zeolite beads with a bead size distribution between 0.3 and 5 mm and compact binderless formed 
  • zeolite bodies like honeycombs and multichannel tubes
  • Innovative technologies for the production and processing of zeolite material
project 02 – High-Performance Catalysts

High-Performance Catalysts

Catalysis is the key technology of the 21st century where substances react with each other in an energy-saving manner thanks to a catalyst. Innovative and in particular highly efficient catalysts are needed for an ever-growing number of applications.

Thanks to our technologies, we are capable of generating tailor-made highly complex material structures that perfectly suit the desired application, thus
creating catalytic materials with extraordinary activity.

The high activity is due not only to the chemical composition but also to the
particle morphology and structural defects. Our technologies allow an exact and reproducible adjustment of these property parameters.

Thanks to our mixed metal oxide catalysts, we are now able to achieve a new level of catalytic activity.

Our range of products:

  • Highly efficient catalytic materials in the form of powder, pellets or tiles
  • Innovative technologies for producing and processing catalytic materials 
  • Innovation support thanks to our process competence for your material development
  • Exhaust gas purification systems and water electrolyzers, custom-made for your application
project 03 – Materials for advanced ceramics

Materials for advanced ceramics

Ceramic products hold a key position in many industrial sectors not only due to their extreme hardness and wear resistance but also due to their chemical stability. However, increasing requirements in durability and reliability as well as the demand for low cost applications exact innovations in material development and processing.

Pades offers the opportunity for pinpointed design and functionalization of ceramic particles. This improves significantly the performance of the resulting ceramic product.

No matter if simple, doped or highly complex mixed oxide systems from nano to micro scale – with pades technologies we can adjust novel ceramic powder raw materials exactly to your application.

You would prefer ready-to-press-granules in first place? We possess the essential technologies and the know-how to generate granules customized for your application.

Our offer:

  • Ceramic high-performance materials – customized for your application
  • Innovative technologies for production and processing of ceramic powder materials
  • Innovation support for your material design development through our competence in material and processing
project 04 – High performance plastics and composites

High performance plastics and composites by high additive integration

Plastics and composites with polymer matrices have occupied nearly all spheres of life due to their versatile processing techniques and diverse useful applications. By using functional additives, essential properties like thermal stability, thermal conductivity, fire behavior or antistatic properties are adjustable.

Pades offers the production of functional fillers as well as their further surface functionalization according to customer requirements. Furthermore we have new innovative technologies to transfer such functional particle fillers or liquid additives to different polymer carriers.

In combination with our technological know-how, these new surface functionalized fillers allow significantly increased contents in the polymer carrier. Or by addition of surface modified particle fillers to polymer-ceramic composites, their thermo-mechanical stability and thermal conductivity are increased.

Our offer:

  • Surface modified particle fillers and highly filled masterbatches designed for coloring and functionalization of polymers regarding fire protection, antistatic, UV-protection, thermal stability and much more
  • Innovative technologies for the gentle integration of sensitive additives into polymers
  • Versatile support based on our material- and processing expertise for your material development
project 05 – Plasma functionalized Specialty Glasses

Plasma functionalized Specialty Glasses

Novel Specialty Glasses offer an enormous potential regarding new applications of glasses e.g. for sensors and optical fibers. In this regard increasing requirements on the performance demand a continuously material innovation. However, the restricted availability of customized and cost-efficient base materials limits the market dynamics.

Pades offers technological solutions for spheroidization of high purity synthetic and natural silica particles in plasma reactors and their processing to power stable and radiation resistant high-performance glasses, etch – and transmission optimized glasses for the semiconductor industry, optical waveguides for high power fibres or for high temperature stable silica materials for the partial substitution of SiC.

We have developed technologies, which provide functionalized particles using SiO2 nano-particles. These are highly pure side-products of the optical glass fiber industry, which are only marginally used in high quality applications yet.

Our offer:

  • Supply of specific plasma enhanced technologies for the spheroidization of SiO2-particles
  • Highly pure spheroidal SiO2-particles, as required also doped for special applications
  • Innovative technology and know-how for processing of glass powders for highly pure and special adapted silica glasses
project 06 – Resonant metallic nanoparticle

Resonant metallic nanoparticle – plasmonically exhaust gas catalysis

The application of catalytic processes for exhaust gas cleaning is state of the art in current technology. However, there are problems concerning processes with unspecific emissions, changing concentrations or changing compositions of pollutants and odorous substances. Changing concentrations require a high flexibility of the chosen treatment in respect to adaptable process parameters.

Pades develops catalytic exhaust cleaning systems that are not utilizing energy intensive thermal activation of the catalyst, but an optical (plasmonic) activation. Such »switchable« catalysts can be realized by the application of suitable light sources and optimized catalyst nanoparticles. In those systems nanoparticles are deposited on the surface of a porous, optically transparent matrix with hierarchically structured pores.

For the first time, a catalytic decomposition of pollutants with low or fluctuant concentration is possible.

We offer:

  • methods for the preparation of plasmonically excitable metal nanoparticles (NP) with adjustable initial sizes between 10 nm and 100 nm 
  • porous glasses with defined hierarchic pore structure
  • metal nanoparticle-catalysts systems
  • systems for the photochemical decomposition of gaseous, low concentrated pollutants in process gas using photo catalysts