Increase the performance of your powder materials by converting them to processing forms matching the respective application. We offer you the technology and know-how for dispersion. The particle size of high-performance powder materials is often very fine or even on the nano-scale. This is always accompanied by an undesired agglomeration in the powder form. However, high-performance powder systems unfold their properties only in the dispersed state, in most cases integrated into an application matrix or as coating on a carrier material. The objective of dispersing is therefore not only the homogeneous blending (mixing) of powder particles and liquids but especially the desagglomeration. 

Deagglomeration requires the mechanical (shearing) energy. This is introduced through the dispersing system (mixer, ultrasound, grinder, etc.). This energy input must be high enough, and also effect the agglomerates in a targeted manner, that the agglomerates are returned to separate primary particles.

Based on experience, only bead mills with grinding sphere sizes in the range from 0.1 to 0.5 mm are suitable for the deagglomeration or fine nano-scale particles.

Our technology centre has bead mill systems for different batch sizes available to you for trials and studies. We'll be glad to also handle contract production for you.