Increase your material performance or configurate your material systems with new functions. Targeted functionalizing of particles and particle surfaces is one of our core competencies. Greater performance and the increasing demand for more and more functionality represent the major challenge in present material development.
Cost-efficient application solutions are always achieved when the integration of functions directly in the material or modification of the surface are realised to improve the properties of the components.

Surface technologies are therefore essential innovation drivers today in diverse industries. This allows, for example, for the lighter and consequently fuel-saving construction of cars, or energy can be distributed and stored more efficiently. The functionalities of particles and surfaces can be engineered and optimised today for innumerable applications using innovative coating and processing methods.

Start functionalization already with particle creation. Our powder synthesis processes allows us to specifically generate the desired particle properties and integrating initial functionalities. Additional functions can be added in the subsequent process steps through the classic sol-gel or innovative coating processes.

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