Transfer your materials into a granulate ready to be applied! Whether spray granulation or agglomeration – we have innovative technologies and the know-how for your individual requirements based on the experience of over 60 years. Different methods suggest themselves depending on the starting substance, area of application and target parameter to be defined accordingly.

With spray granulation liquids (solutions, suspensions, melts) are sprayed into the fluid bed. The liquid vaporises. The solids form small particles. These are wetted with additional liquid thus growing layer by layer. In the special case of spray granulation with emulsions, e.g. of oils sensitive to oxidation in a maltodextrin solution, granulates are created where the oil droplets are completely enclosed by maltodextrin.

By comparison, with agglomeration very small particles are moved in the fluid bed, sprayed with binder liquid and combined into larger agglomerates which, because of their coarse structure and large surface, feature superb solubility up to instant properties.

When choosing the optimal process technology, not only the product properties but also the production-specific aspects such as process times or the use of resources, need to be taken into account.

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