Material examples

Discover the potential of materials with additional functions or improved properties. Innovative materials are needed today in almost all industries. A very high economic potential is created with custom-tailored particle systems. Even new areas of application can be tapped or developed.

Some examples we are working on:

  • Surface-modified adsorbents in the area of membrane technology to be used in numerous market segments, for example, with the production/manufacturing of bio-fuels or natural gas/bio-gas from regenerative sources, with the production/separation of technical gases

  • Surface-active catalytic mixed metal oxides for the exhaust gas purification in motor vehicles or waste air purification in industrial plant 

  • Ceramic high-performance materials for endoprosthetics, wear-resistant precision components for machines or as structural ceramics tribology technology)

  • Additivated composite polymer particle systems (masterbatches or compounds) for the functionalizing of plastics

  • Spherodised ultra-pure glass particle systems for the semiconductor equipment market, the glass industry, optics, fibreoptics, environmental technology, power technology or medical technology

  • Resonant metallic nano particle systems, for example, for air purification and odour reduction in the adhesive, chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry (odour reduction) or as optically activatable high-performance capacitors

For which applications would you like to develop your materials together with us? Just contact us!