Our offer

Let us realise your material ideas together!We offer you comprehensive services from the idea to industrial realisation.

  • Our scientific and engineering competence form the basis for successful material development and is fully available to you in all development steps. 

  • Our laboratory offers numerous analytical and experimental options for basic and initial screening trials as well as the determination of interdependencies and influencing parameters. In addition, it guarantees quality assurance and certification. 

  • Our powerful technology centre allows trials and studies at the (small) technical scale. Suitable process parameters are determined at this and the process is optimally set up. Sufficient large patterns for application trials can be generated, in addition, also at the scale of tons. 

  • Our contract production facilities offer sufficient capacity for the production of your specific materials. This allows you to deliver directly to your customers while securing key market shares due to this speedy action. Of course, production follows strict quality rules and certification based on your requirements. 

  • Our plant engineering designs and realizes your own production facility. This does not only provide you with the technology required for the manufacturing process but we also offer the process know-how as complete package. 

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