Powder Synthesis

Manufacture your powder together with us with defined properties! We offer the right equipment for the development and production of your specific powder.

So we can generate various types of fine powders by our flame and spray pyrolysis. Entirely meeting your preferences. The great flexibility of the reactor allows for the targeted setting of the process parameters and thereby the particle properties, for example, a defined surface, particle size or phase composition.

You can use our plasma reactors if higher process temperatures are required for the desired particle synthesis. Again, the particle properties can be specifically set. This is done via the plasma properties (temperature, pressure, enthalpy) or via the type and parameters of quenching.

Our plasma reactors not only allow you creating new particles but also to modify particle forms selectively. For example, we spherodise glass particles to nearly ideal round spheres to facilitate their improved and simplified processing into fibre-optic cables.

Utilise our technological platform to produce your new powder systems. We provide you with the technology suitable for diverse tasks.