Product development

Customized your required material structures to match your target! We go in applied research with the goal of realising your material innovation on an industrial scale. As single source provider for particle systems our research and development possibilities map the entire value-added chain of functionalized high-performance materials, from primary particle production to functionalization and on to application engineering.

Our innovative power is based on our technology platform offering diverse technological options from powder synthesis to the process-ready product form (suspension, granulate). This facilitates a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing and production process. This does not only allow to improve the respective subprocess steps but especially to solve interface problems between the subprocesses.
The application-focused solution constitutes the critical element. In addition to superb analytic and lab-assisted examination methods we strongly focus on the technical feasibility and transfer to industrial standard production. Our technology centre features plants for small-scale technical trials as well as test productions.

Successful developments are transferred by our engineers to the production scale. You have the choice at this point: Contract manufacturing with us or your own production facility. We do not only provide the required technology but also the process know-how.

We work on typical tasks such as

  • improved or innovative products by providing customer-specific functionalized particle systems with property advantages over competitors on the market, 
  • solving availability problems by providing innovative high-performance materials and, if necessary, substitution for limiting components, 
  • quality assurance and improvement through optimized processes, technological solutions or more powerful particle systems, 
  • cost reduction of existing processes through innovative procedures or through more cost-efficient and effective particle systems.